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Weekly Post 24/5/07 May 27, 2007

Posted by J€LL¥ in Club Penguin.


This week the secret pin is the starfish in the mine.

 The member party is at the Cove! But non-members can’t get the two free items which were the whistle in the forest and the life ring at the cove. (a member told me.) I hope we
(non-members ) can get them later… :mrgreen:

The Tour Guide Booth moved to ski village because it was blocking the path to the forest .


I think there should be a nonmember party, instead of special member parties.

and it’s time for the Newspaper:

They told us the stairs to the cove have been finished.
For the igloo contest they give you a few tips about how to make your igloo better!
The featured game is Thin Ice.
Aunt Arctic tells us When Rockhopper first visited and why the black puffle is always ??unhappy??.
The secret this week is telling us how to get the Snow Globe.



1. rockhopper - May 27, 2007


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