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JCPA PARTY!!! © June 26, 2007

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WOOT I just went to update my blog after I got home from school and it said that there’s been 4797 visitors on my blog and then i went on again and it said that there’s been 5006 visitors!! :mrgreen: and that’s why I’m making a JCPA (go to that page if u don’t know what is that.) party!!! 🙂

I’ll tell u about the details later… 😎 😛


introducing… (DRUMROLL)….. Jelly829!! © June 25, 2007

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Hi everyone i got a new account and he’s cALLED JELLY829

 😦 and i lost every old item.. 😥


Rockhopper!!! © June 22, 2007

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Well you see the Rockhopper party is not THAT good this time and I already got red bandana from Rockhopper’s visit long time ago (i’m still banned) 🙄 so I have to get cake’s permission to use his account. I’m not gonna show the pics because it’s just the same as last time… 🙂

The waterbomb thing is pretty cool but it can only land on one place. It’s in the boiler room. Just put your cursor on the top box.


The new pin is in the ski lodge. You just click on it and u will get it. 😉 It’s behind the right chair.

I hope they will unban me… 😥

Weekly Post (21st June, 2007) © June 21, 2007

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Well this week I got pretty sad because SOMEONE keeps BANNINNG ME. LAST TIME I WAS BANNED FOR 66 HOURS.Grrrrr….. but this time it’s FOREVER!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO+99 googol (check this word in the dictionary) zeroes!!! 👿

I’ve asked the Club Penguin Support to unban me. I hope they will solve this promblem. :mrgreen:

Anyway, I got permission of Lombardi11, who is my classmate and my friend, to go on Club Penguin using his account. And here is the Newspaper…

The newspaper has nothing special this week. The whole thing was basically about Rockhopper’s visit to Club Penguin. There will be water fights and all kinds of special stuff. They tell us that the glitch that is really not a glitch is that u can surf with your red puffle. It’s in the Club Penguin Cheats and secrets page anyway… 🙄

The timetable is here…


All the CP stuff can be viewed in the CP upcoming events box on the sidebar. 🙂

Rockhopper’s coming tomorrow!!! and we’re gonna get free stuff! but i hope that the CP team will unban me… 😥

here’s the proof:


Nothing special in the Ask Aunt Arctic this week so I’m not going to post it.

I’ll keep u updated when Rockhopper comes. 😎

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!! © June 17, 2007

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WOOT more free items!!! + new clothing catalogue and igloo catalogue© June 15, 2007

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There’s two more FREE items!!! 😆 Sheesh how many free items will there be on the summer party!?!?

The green sunglasses are at the nightclub.


And the flower headdress which u wear on the head is at the beach.



 I hope we get maybe 3 free items when Rockhopper comes… :mrgreen:

The Furniture and Igloo Catalogue have also been launched! Now you can Bring Summer into your Igloos, or your Bamboo Hut! The Furniture Catalogue Povided Pages that just puts the Summer Scene into High Gear! All we need now is a Pool! The Igloo Catalogue Contained the Rare Bamboo Hut along with the Brand New Bamboo Flooring to Match it. Only if we had some Summer Music to Tune it Up! Lets Begin with the Furniture Catalogue Secrets. In this Catalogue there was only 1 Secret and it was that SAME Secret! The Royal Throne that Costs $750 PC (Penguin Coins) to get it, just Click the “Throne” in “Princess Throne.


We also have the Very Rare Bamboo Hut Along with the New Bamboo Flooring to go with it. The Secrets? The First Secret was Secret Stone Igloo. Just get it by Clicking on the Crowbar of the Floor Removal Service. It Costs $2000 


Then Comes the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo, it Costs $5000 PC (Penguin Coins) You can get it by Clicking the Deluxe Snow Igloo’s Door.


The Last Secret is the Snow Globe. I dont know why we Still have it because Christmas is Over and the Snow is Gone. You can get it by Clicking all the “Snow” Words in the Catalogue. The Snow Globe Costs $3700 PC (Penguin Coins) Here are the Snow Words:

On Page 2:

On Page 12:

On Page 13:

On Page 13:

On Page 14:

On Page 14:

Now go back to Page 9, the Basic Igloo and Click the Window. Now you have an Opportunity to have a Snow Globe!

I’ll keep u updated with Club Penguin news. 🙂

Weekly Post (14th June, 2007) © June 14, 2007

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On the newspaper this week they are STILL talking about the Summer Party. BORING 😦

Members are going to BRING THE BEACH INTO THEIR IGLOO by buying beach furnitures. I’m not a member anyway. There will be also 2 new songs for the stereo.

The featured game is the Pizzatron 3000 and say that  there is a candy pizza cheat and u get more coins. (I’m going to put that cheat on my CP cheats and secrets page.

The ask Aunt Arctic questions are

Is the Dojo only accessible to secret agents?

And the answer is, of course, yes.

The other question is

My puffle won’t play with its toy. What should I do?

Well the answer is that the puffle doesn’t have enough energy to play.

 The tips and secrets page talks about the cuckoo clock in the ski lodge whick pops up  every 30 minutes.

And now it’s time for the………………………………………………..  TIMETABLE!!! For more details remember to look at the Club Penguin upcoming events on the sidebar.


Bye for now! :mrgreen:

WOW!!! © June 13, 2007

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oH MY GOSH THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME. CAKE ( lombardi 111 ) told me that he found a green inflatable duck at the cove. IT IS A FREE ITEM!!!!!


if u wear ONLY the ducky then press dance and U WILL SWIM! 🙂

This is a photo of my buddy Cake and me.



hey June 11, 2007

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I got a new glitch that is so cool please go to cp cheats and secrets page. Also please have a look at my sidebar. i’ve got new stuff there. next, if u are a yu gi oh freak please go to the yu gi oh feak club and go to the notice board locatd on the top right of the side bar on that page. latly, please notice that my comments are highlighted so victory, stop copying me. 🙂

WoOt WoOt! © June 9, 2007

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The summer party is finally HERE!!!


(but however Rockhopper has not arrived yet. I think that the waterfight will be on Rockhopper’s ship… 🙂

Now let’s tak about non-member’s favourite thing on Club Penguin… FREE ITEMS!!!

There are two free items in the summer party. I think that there will be even more free items when Rockhopper come.

Anyway, here’s the free items. The free items are so good because they do special actions. 😎

The first one, the Hawaiian lei, is located at the ski village near the sports shop.

How to do special hawaiian dance: Wear ONLY the lei. Press dance, and u will dance like a hawaiian.

The next free item is the ice cream apron. It is located at the forest.

How to make an ice cream: Wear ONLY the ice cream apron, press dance. You will make an ice cream. It is SO cool! 😯


Here’s how to get it:

First, put your cursor at 1.

When it falls down, click on the pin (2) to go and get it.

It’s time to talk about the decorations!

Near the light house, there is a really cool band playing music. ( It’s like the St. Patrick’s day last time. )

Another cool stuff is the ice cream stall at the forest.

The netball court is also pretty awesome at the ice berg. There was a lava lamb sticking out.

The decoration that i liked best was at the snow forts. The red and blue flag turned to a fire.

I noticed that at the HQ the cove and forest were on the surveillance camera but there’s one screen with nothing.

I wonder if there will be a new place… ❓

Rooms not decorated:

– Lighthouse
– Ice Rink
– Mine Shack
– Mines
– Pizza Parlor
– Sport Store
– Pet Shop
– Ski Lodge
– Lodge Attic
– Gift Shop
– Boiler Room

And I’ll tell u about Rockhopper’s visit when he arrives…

Remember to check the club penguin upcoming events for details. :mrgreen: