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WoOt WoOt! © June 9, 2007

Posted by J€LL¥ in About the website, Club Penguin.

The summer party is finally HERE!!!


(but however Rockhopper has not arrived yet. I think that the waterfight will be on Rockhopper’s ship… 🙂

Now let’s tak about non-member’s favourite thing on Club Penguin… FREE ITEMS!!!

There are two free items in the summer party. I think that there will be even more free items when Rockhopper come.

Anyway, here’s the free items. The free items are so good because they do special actions. 😎

The first one, the Hawaiian lei, is located at the ski village near the sports shop.

How to do special hawaiian dance: Wear ONLY the lei. Press dance, and u will dance like a hawaiian.

The next free item is the ice cream apron. It is located at the forest.

How to make an ice cream: Wear ONLY the ice cream apron, press dance. You will make an ice cream. It is SO cool! 😯


Here’s how to get it:

First, put your cursor at 1.

When it falls down, click on the pin (2) to go and get it.

It’s time to talk about the decorations!

Near the light house, there is a really cool band playing music. ( It’s like the St. Patrick’s day last time. )

Another cool stuff is the ice cream stall at the forest.

The netball court is also pretty awesome at the ice berg. There was a lava lamb sticking out.

The decoration that i liked best was at the snow forts. The red and blue flag turned to a fire.

I noticed that at the HQ the cove and forest were on the surveillance camera but there’s one screen with nothing.

I wonder if there will be a new place… ❓

Rooms not decorated:

– Lighthouse
– Ice Rink
– Mine Shack
– Mines
– Pizza Parlor
– Sport Store
– Pet Shop
– Ski Lodge
– Lodge Attic
– Gift Shop
– Boiler Room

And I’ll tell u about Rockhopper’s visit when he arrives…

Remember to check the club penguin upcoming events for details. :mrgreen:



1. kait - June 10, 2007

coolio! i tottaly love this websit!

thanks kait 😉

2. poopy Pantz - June 10, 2007

cool!!! I am addicted to CP

3. grey - July 1, 2007

this blog is frikin awesome man!

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