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Rockhopper!!! © June 22, 2007

Posted by J€LL¥ in Club Penguin, Rockhopper's visits to CP.

Well you see the Rockhopper party is not THAT good this time and I already got red bandana from Rockhopper’s visit long time ago (i’m still banned) 🙄 so I have to get cake’s permission to use his account. I’m not gonna show the pics because it’s just the same as last time… 🙂

The waterbomb thing is pretty cool but it can only land on one place. It’s in the boiler room. Just put your cursor on the top box.


The new pin is in the ski lodge. You just click on it and u will get it. 😉 It’s behind the right chair.

I hope they will unban me… 😥



1. Sassy aggie - June 24, 2007


2. JACOB - July 29, 2007

well im 2nd 😦

3. kh2ahmed - August 2, 2007


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