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Weekly Post (26th July, 2007) © July 26, 2007

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Hi the summer party has ended. 😦


Sorry i used capitals

I really really sorry that i pressed capslock

plz do not think that this is a boring weekly post



do not

stop reading


it is







i have good news and bad news

do u want to hear the 😀 first or the 😥 first

Type 😀 if u wanna hear the good news first or 😥 if u want to hear the bad news first.


The voting lines will close on the 28th July, 2007.


Waddle On,



P.S: Sorrrrrrrry for all that inconvenience.


Sum1 i know u are 3-4 people sharing that username because i  checked your ip address so please tell me your name OR ELSE…..



I’M BACK!!!! © July 25, 2007

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Yeah i’m back and i will continue the weekly post starting from this thursday.

I’m really sad because i didn’t get the free items in the summer festival… 😦 😥

Well because only beakyrox sent me cp funny pics i’m going to give your penguin 1000 cp coins if u sent me 1 pic, 1500 cp dollars, 2000 cp coins for 3 pics and so on… :mrgreen: And if u have a pic that i REALLY like, i will give u extra coins. 😀 and PLEASE SEND ME YOUR USERNAME ON THE COMMENTS IN THIS BLOG

NOTE: if i think that pic is not funny i WILL NOT give you any coins.

i will send u an email back to confirm your username,  how many coins u have earned ,etc…. just remember to reply me. 😛

here are the catalogue cheats

2 New Catalogues have come out, the Igloo Catalogue, and the Furniture Catalogue. The New Igloo is a Fish Bowl and the Furniture has a Whole Bunch of Aquarium Items!

The Secrets, the Furniture Catalogue has 1 Secret.  The Royal Throne in the SAME place! To get it Click on the Word “Throne” in “Princess Throne” It Costs $750 CPC(cp coins)


For the Igloo Catalogue there are the Same 3 Secrets we have from Last Times Catalogue. On the Floor Removal Page Click on the Crowbar to get the Secret Stone Igloo. It Costs $2000 CPC (cp coins)


Then Click on the Deluxe Snow Igloo’s Door to get the Secret


Deluxe Stone Igloo. It Costs $5000 cpc 

The Last Secret for the Igloo Catalogue is the Snow Globe to get it Click on all the Words “Snow” in the Catalogue then Click on the Basic Igloo’s Window. The Snow Globe Costs $3700 CPC

 On Page 2:

On Page 12:

On Page 13:

On Page 13:

On Page 14:

On Page 14:

Now go back to Page 9, the Basic Igloo and Click the Window. Now you have an Opportunity to have a Snow Globe!

The Last Secret was the Pin, it is a Cart and it is Located at the Pizza Parlor, on the Grand Piano.


Waddle on,


Hall of Fame © July 23, 2007

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please go to the NEW hall of fame page

thanks again everyone © July 22, 2007

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I am still overseas so i have to rely on u to give me information for Club Penguin. Thanks Beakyrox and Gavin this week.

The july party is still on! 🙂 Get the blue water wings at the plaza and the free umbrella hats at the coffee shop. Don’t forget about the new pin at the pizza parlor! It’s a cart!!! Also try throwing snowballs because they appear as water ballons! 😀

Someone please send your Club Penguin pics to emailjelly@yahoo.com.au and remember the pic must be JPEG format! 😎

Waddle On,


thanks everyone © July 14, 2007

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well although i can’t play Club Penguin overseeas on this computer i received information rom u guys that there are mining helmets for FREE at the mine. (Members must be really sad because they BOUGHT it using CP COINS but now u can get it for free. maybe it’s another colour… :mrgreen: please let me know if u see special stuff in Club Penguin… SEND ME SOME PICTURES AND CHEATS PLEASE by saying the cheats in the cp page or e-mail your pictures to emailjelly@yahoo.com.au  thanks for your help! i will be playing Cp and continuing y cp reports by the end of july! so start sending me pictures and cheats! 😎

Special thanks to beakyrox for sending me so many cp funny pics. 😀





These pics will also be displayed in the Cp funny pics page  🙂

Waddle on,


Sorry… © July 9, 2007

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If u are wondering why i’m not updating my blog it’s because i’m overseas and this computer here can’t play Club Penguin… 🙄

I promise I will post the Club PEnguin weekly post when i get home. 🙂 😎

I’m VERY VERY sorry… 😥 😦

Now please send me some more CP funny pics so i can post them. 😀

Waddle on,


Weekly Post (28th June, 2007) © July 2, 2007

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Sorry about the late notice… 😛 I didn’t have time to write the post. 😥

ok. This week there are nothing special on Club Penguin.

Nothing special on newspaper so i’ll just talk about a few things about it.

July party is coming!!! 🙂 WoOt WoOt! 😉

Here’s the timetable for this week… (well not exactly… it’s last week’s timetable)


I’m sorry beakyrox because the CP picture u sent to me couldn’t be uploaded to this post. Maybe u can change it to JPEG format and send it to me again. Anyway, I will tell u guys what it’s about. Have u been banned before? That picture is that THe moderator has banned your account screen and the strange thing about it is that it said that your ban will expire in 0 days 0 hours and 0 minutes. Beakyrox said that he logged in the banned account 30 seconds before the ban expired. 😆

plz look at the cp upcoming events box for all the details ❗