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Weekly Post (28th June, 2007) © July 2, 2007

Posted by J€LL¥ in Club Penguin, CP Parties.

Sorry about the late notice… 😛 I didn’t have time to write the post. 😥

ok. This week there are nothing special on Club Penguin.

Nothing special on newspaper so i’ll just talk about a few things about it.

July party is coming!!! 🙂 WoOt WoOt! 😉

Here’s the timetable for this week… (well not exactly… it’s last week’s timetable)


I’m sorry beakyrox because the CP picture u sent to me couldn’t be uploaded to this post. Maybe u can change it to JPEG format and send it to me again. Anyway, I will tell u guys what it’s about. Have u been banned before? That picture is that THe moderator has banned your account screen and the strange thing about it is that it said that your ban will expire in 0 days 0 hours and 0 minutes. Beakyrox said that he logged in the banned account 30 seconds before the ban expired. 😆

plz look at the cp upcoming events box for all the details ❗



1. Blue Puffley - July 5, 2007

hey jelly i didnt know you were pengy eater! i’ve always thought pengy eater was cool and now i know its you!

Oh thx can i meet u on cp so we can be buddies?

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