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thanks everyone © July 14, 2007

Posted by J€LL¥ in About the website, Club Penguin.

well although i can’t play Club Penguin overseeas on this computer i received information rom u guys that there are mining helmets for FREE at the mine. (Members must be really sad because they BOUGHT it using CP COINS but now u can get it for free. maybe it’s another colour… :mrgreen: please let me know if u see special stuff in Club Penguin… SEND ME SOME PICTURES AND CHEATS PLEASE by saying the cheats in the cp page or e-mail your pictures to emailjelly@yahoo.com.au  thanks for your help! i will be playing Cp and continuing y cp reports by the end of july! so start sending me pictures and cheats! 😎

Special thanks to beakyrox for sending me so many cp funny pics. 😀





These pics will also be displayed in the Cp funny pics page  🙂

Waddle on,




1. Beakyrox - July 18, 2007

i know beakyrox is so great yay!!!!!!!!! im the first comment

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