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Poll results © September 30, 2007

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Howdy! 🙂


The “should i delete the nds cheatcodes page poll” has ended and the result is YES!!!

and so i’ll delete that page.


Please view the poll page for the weekly poll. I’VE CHANGED THE FORMAT!!! 😆


Next time i’ll start announcing the results for polls in weekly polls as well.


Oh and please leave more comments I NEED COMMENTS PPL!!! 😀


Leave comment when there’s new items when u can.


Waddle on,

jelly 😎


Weekly Post (28th September, 2007) © September 28, 2007

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Howdy! 🙂


Thx for all that emails but i ot some cp stuff off random sites and combined them altogether


So here’s the newspaper stuff:

FUn fair finishes 1st october
When the Fall Fair finishes they are going to give out circus stuff for your igloo! (only for members of course)
Get ready for Halloween. New catalog coming out on October 5th.
The featured game is Jet Pack Adventure.
The secret this week is the hidden jokes in the Penguin Times.
There are some jokes, riddles, comics and poems.

Upcoming Events:
Sept 28:
>> New Furniture Catalog
>> New pin hidden

Oct 5:
>> New clothing catalog
– Halloween costume release

Oct 12:
>> New pin hidden

Oct 24:
>> 2-year anniversary celebration

Oct 26:
>> Halloween party starts
>> New pin hidden

Didn’t get a picture cos i can’t play cp… 😛

View all the timetable and cp details in the cp current and upcoming events on the sidebar.

The new prizes are the paddleball toy and the candy necklace(gav said) and to get the candy necklace, u have to get all the prizes, wait for a few seconds IN the prize booth thing, and the necklace will appear (as said by thetelephone)

If there’s anything else,plz email me at emailjelly@yahoo.com.au or leave comments… 🙂

OMGGGGGGGG!!!!! © September 28, 2007

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Howdy! 🙂


I’m overseas right now and the damn computer here was down but i fixed it. It can’t play CP anyway so i ccan only edit this blog… 😛


I think the newspaper came out but i don’t know the timetable and newspaper stuff yet.. so please leave comments or email pics to emailjelly@yahoo.com.au


Gavin sent me an email saying that the new prizes at the booth are the paddleball toy and the candy necklace… please cake or mothermonk or gav or whoever i’m friend with send me an email so i can give u my password and help me get it… 😀


Oh and check out the new pics in funny pics page and the polls in the poll page… 🙂


please look at the cute little squirrel talking in the about box on the sidebar and the danger sign in the copyright information box as well. :O


Please people gimme STUFF (from cp of course :x)




Waddle on,

jelly 😎

see ya! © September 23, 2007

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Howdy! 🙂


I’ll be travelling overseas and i’m not sure if that computer can play CP or not… 🙄 Please tell me new stuff on CP by leaving comments on this blog or send your pictures to emailjelly@yahoo.com.au


Weekly post will be published like always next friday but I NEED YOUR PICTURES AND INFORMATION FOR CP ❗ ❗ ❗


These are all of the carnival games found in the Fall Fair:
Memory Card Game (Beach)
Grab + Spin (Dock)
Ring the bell (Dock)
Puffle Paddle (Snow Forts)
Puffle Shuffle (Forest)
Feed a puffle (Cove)
My favourite games are Feed a puffle and Puffle Paddle.

Also, Ballistic Biscuit has been renamed Hydro-hopper!

I’ll mention your name in weekly post if u send me any stuff. I might even add u to hall of fame/raise your point in hall of fame!!! Oh there is a poll about comment 179 in blah blah balh page. please go to poll page and vote(no.4)


The reason i made a poll for that comment is because chloe didn’t EXACTLY swear. Maybe the f*** means funk or food or fool or foot or feet or flip or whatever. I don’t know whether to delete or not so PLEASE vote… 🙂


REMEMBER TO SEND ME PICS AND STUFF ABOUT CP!!! 🙂 especially when there’s new prize or new game!




Waddle on,

jelly 😎

Fall fair! © September 21, 2007

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Howdy! 🙂


Fall fair is here!


There are many free items, and even more prizes later! :mrgreen:

But it’s not EXACTLY free items. there are many party games to play so u can earn tickets and get prizes with those tickets.


The most coin-earning game is Puffle Paddle (i think)

Tips on puffle paddle:

Focus on only ONE puffle. When another puffle fall out, only hit the new puffle if the original puffle is high up in the air. If u lose the original one u will have to start again with only 1-2 coins.


Ill start adding pictures later cos i have to get all the items for my three penguins first. 😆


Oh and check out the new POLL PAGE:!: ❗ 😀

OOH look what i found! 😆


Waddle on,

jelly 😎

poll results © September 20, 2007

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Howdy! 🙂


Poll results are out. Here are the results:


Weekly Post thursday or friday: Friday

Poll PAGE or Poll SIDEBAR: Poll Page


View the latest poll(s) in poll page. 🙂


So Weekly post will be published on Fridays. (tomorrow)


So check out the new poll page NOW!

im back © September 19, 2007

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Howdy! 🙂


Hey IM BACK!!! 🙂


weekly post will be published normally from tomorrow.

Here’s a sneak peek at the fall fair tomorrow



Waddle on,

jelly 😎

Sorry guys © September 16, 2007

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Howdy! 🙂


i will be away for a few days because of the school excursion and will be back on the 20th September(this thursday). u will not see your comments after u typed it when im away because i haven’t appoved them yet.


PLEASE do not be mad at me… 😆


Oh and when im away please check out my new funny pics and videos.


Waddle on,

jelly 😎

Party!!! September 14, 2007

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Howdy! 🙂


Before i tell u anything about the party, i want u to go to this website and vote. Just click HERE. The poll will be closed at 11:59pm sydney time so START VOTING NOW!!! 😛


 The new pin is at the lodge on the sofa


The party is not THAT good (or should i say “The party SUCKS!” :roll:) The fall party’s not on yet. The free item that Rockhopper brought is EYEPATCH!!! 🙂 (oh i got it for my pengy eater anyway… another old item… 😦 )


Rockhopper’s room is still locked and the note is still the same. Nothing special. The items Rockhopper brought are here:



oh and nearly forgot about



Waddle on,

jelly 😎


Weekly Post (13rd September, 2007) © September 13, 2007

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Howdy! 🙂


This week’s cp newspaper is celebrating 100 issues! 🙂 and its HEAPS cooler than the older ones!


Read the newspaper. They announced the name for the “name the game” comp and the winner is… HYDRO-HOPPER!!! (i chose that name as well :lol:)

Some of the interesting stuff are the push puzzle(finish it and see the picture!) and Aunt Arctic’s review!

The featured game is find 4.


Here’s the timetable:

(more details in the CP current and upcoming events box on the sidebar.)



Oh and sorry about not telling u about the September clothing catalogue…


Here’s are the secret items:

Back-to-School Fashion Catalogue came out, basically all you need to have for a Great School Year! The Secrets were nothing New, but they weren’t in the Catalogue!

The First Secret was the Viking Helmet, to get it, Click on the Scuba diving Tank’s Tanks and it will show you a Viking Helmet that costs $750 CPC (club penguin coins) click on it 4 Times and it will show you a Blue Viking Helmet that Costs $1200 CPC


The Next Secret was the Swim Goggles, to get the Click on the Lifegaurd T-Shirt and it will Show you a Pair of Swim Goggles. They will Cost you $220 CPC  


The Last Secret was the Red Electric Guitar, to get it, Click on the Formal Gown’s Vest. It Costs $975 CPC  



oh and by the way.




Waddle on,

jelly 😎