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OMGGGGGGGG!!!!! © September 28, 2007

Posted by J€LL¥ in Club Penguin, CP Parties.

Howdy! 🙂


I’m overseas right now and the damn computer here was down but i fixed it. It can’t play CP anyway so i ccan only edit this blog… 😛


I think the newspaper came out but i don’t know the timetable and newspaper stuff yet.. so please leave comments or email pics to emailjelly@yahoo.com.au


Gavin sent me an email saying that the new prizes at the booth are the paddleball toy and the candy necklace… please cake or mothermonk or gav or whoever i’m friend with send me an email so i can give u my password and help me get it… 😀


Oh and check out the new pics in funny pics page and the polls in the poll page… 🙂


please look at the cute little squirrel talking in the about box on the sidebar and the danger sign in the copyright information box as well. :O


Please people gimme STUFF (from cp of course :x)




Waddle on,

jelly 😎



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