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Weekly Post (5th October, 2007) © October 5, 2007

Posted by J€LL¥ in Club Penguin, CP Parties, Polls.

Howdy! 🙂

I still can’t play cp on this computer..

i got info from lotsa random sites


Newspaper stuff:

There is going to be a Halloween costume contest!
new way to dress up your penguin soon.
The featured game is Puffle Round Up.
The secret this week tells you how to do the pizza throwing dance. (wonder what that is… :roll:)
same ol’ boring jokes and comics


Upcoming events: (more info in the upcoming and current cp events box on the sidebar.)

Oct 5:
>> New clothing catalog
-Halloween costumes
-Costume contest starts

Oct 12:
>> New pin hidden

Oct. 19:
>> New furniture catalog
>> New pet catalog

Oct. 24:
>> 2-year anniversary starts

Oct 26:
>> Halloween party starts

what the heck is that tom doing down there.. ?

the stuff he said’s NOT true… 😳 remember it’s NOT true… 😳 STOP LOOKING AT ME!!! 🙄 😳 it’s NOT TRUE! 🙄

(whisper: oh so that new person in the office is an undercover spy… 👿 )


Poll results for TP NO.1 & WP NO.1

TP NO.1: Should i delete comment… FR (FINAL RESULT): Don’t care


WP NO.1: Should i change the name of blah blah blah.. FR: Blah ya butt off!


view poll page for new polls! 😆


Until then… WADDLE ON!!!




1. J€LL¥ - October 6, 2007


2. J€LL¥ - October 6, 2007

it’s snoopy on a PUMPKIN!!!

3. Brin - December 3, 2007

Hello, nice site 🙂

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