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Club Penguin cheats & secrets©

Here are some of the cheats I know on Club Penguin. I’ll add more later. If u have any please say it. 

Surf with your red puffle

It’s the coolest thing i’ve ever seen in Club Penguin! If u bring your puffle and play Catchin’ Waves, the puffle will surf with u!!!

But too bad u don’t get the coins earned by your puffle. 😦 This doesn’t work with other-coloured puffles.

 Astro Barrier
On Astro Barrier title screen type in:
1 for level 10
2 for level 20
3 for level 30
On level 11 tutorial, wait 25 seconds and a blue ship will appear. Shoot it for secret levels!!!

Catch Big Fish
Before the big fish comes, get a normal fish from underwater and keep on line until big fish appears and use it as bait. You will gain 50 bonus coins from getting this fish.
Mullet Cheat

Quick Emotes


Press t for snowball
Press d to dance
Press w to wave
Press s to sit down
press arrow keys to sit in different directions

Machine-gun Snowball
To throw snowballs really fast, keep pressing t, choose your target and click. Do this over and over really fast and you will be the envy of other penguins at the snow forts.

Annoy Penguins
either rapidly keep pressing et or wear whistle and keep pressing w.

Flap Right Arm
Keep pressing w with or without whistle.

Cart Surfer Tricks
To grind: press down arrow key and left or right arrow key.
360 degrees jump: Jump and press left or right arrow key.
Backflip: Press down arrow key and jump.
Stand on cart: press up arrow key.
Fly: Jump and press up arrow key.
Cart Surfer Trick

Extra Dances Without Any Clothes On
This is a fun cheat and it’s easy to do!
Okay here are the steps:

1) Take all your clothes off.

2) Exit the player card and go back on the player card.

3) Now put on clothes that give you extra dances (e.g.: pizza apron, hard hat etc.).

4) Without exiting the player card dance (press d)

5)Now you can exit the player card. Walk around the room and start dancing. You’ll be the envy of dancing penguins everywhere!

6) To stop this cheat, just walk into another room.

Secret Places
: Click on the mountaintops and you’ll soon find it.
Iceberg: Big piece of ice to the right in sea.
Mining Shack: Click on snowdrift near plaza.
Underground Pool: Click on manhole near Pet Shop.
Boiler Room: Click on top-right speaker in disco.

Get your puffle in full health

To get your puffle in full health, first, ( YOU MUST DO IT IN MY ORDER) BATH IT, THEN FEED IT WITH PUFFLE-Os.

Feed, Bathe and Play With Your Puffle While Your Out
While in your igloo, get up your puffle’s player card
Red Puffle
and go out. Go where ever you want and you can do anything but walk him/her.

How To Open Doors In Catalogue
On the Upgrade Igloos Catalogue just hover your cursor over doors to open them.
Open Doors Secret

Top Banner Cheats ( go to http://www.clubpenguin.com/ )
There is a penguin in the top-right corner of the club penguin homepage. Lets see about the secrets up there.

Change Penguin’ s Clothes
Click on that penguin in top-right corner. Keep clicking he’ ll keep changing clothes.

Ninja clothes
To see the ninja clothes click on the N on the nightclub at top on homepage.

Blue Penguin Walking Out Of Coffee Shop
Hover your cursor over the coffee shop door and a penguin will come out.

Puffle with no name

Buy a puffle at the pet shop, when you’re asked to write a name, just type a space and press next.

NOTE: Others can’t see your puffle name even if u get your puffle a name.

Make Candy Pizza in Pizzatron 3000

To make candy pizzas in Pizzatron 3000, click on the red lever as shown on the start menu.

Start screen: Click on the red lever





and press start

Share any cheats that u know with us! :mrgreen:



1. Jenabell - May 15, 2007

hi jelly

2. Gavin - May 15, 2007

anyway, who’s jellu, emily?

oh hi gavin

3. Gavin - May 16, 2007


4. Gavin - May 16, 2007


5. Jenabell - May 17, 2007


6. loudmouth - May 26, 2007

loling 😀

7. Cake - May 26, 2007

= )

8. Cake - May 26, 2007


9. Jenabell - May 29, 2007

Is it my computer or something???
There is no cheats and secrets on top of the page!!

10. Cake - June 5, 2007


11. Gavin - June 6, 2007


12. Orange Oz - June 10, 2007

Astro barrier Dont Work!!!

what do u mean?

13. Orange Oz - June 10, 2007


What Waht

14. SapphireStar aka Shadow aka NATALIe - June 13, 2007

this cool though i know most of them anyways COOL SITE JELLY

15. bassel - June 16, 2007

hi how do i stall an email on club pinguen

u can’t only moderators can do that

16. legoless - June 17, 2007

If you hover your mouse over the Gift Shop door (this dosnt work on home page) & a green penguin will come out. If the blue & green tought each other the blue 1 sez “Hello!”.

17. April - June 18, 2007

You get the coins earne by your puffle. I tried it!

18. daddylonglegs - June 23, 2007

I just found out a trick!!
In the thin ice game, if you melt all the ice, you get a bag of coin in the next level (excluding the 2nd level.) On the 19th level, look out for a secret movable wall to a secret place

19. Stacey - June 24, 2007

I really need a full-proof cheat. A cheat/secret place or room that hardly anyone has found. I myself have been looking everywhere for ages, but no luck. Also, i wish there were more free clothes. I see everyone is wearing a pirate scarf, where in the world do they get that??? Whenever the new pins come out, i seem to miss them everytime. Dont know why. Although if you are or no somebody who is a BRILLIANT hacker in club penguin, please answer this post. I really am getting desperate. Besides, club penguin is getting a bit boring just walking around doing nothing!!!!!
PS: I aint’t a member

20. Stacey - June 25, 2007

Has anyone found cheats for me. I have a cheat, you all might know it though.
1.Go to your igloo
2.Click on your buddy list
3. Click on a buddy
4. Click the measuring tape in your igloo
5.Click on your buddies home
6.Click on their furniture to move it around

thanks :mrgreen:

21. naruto - June 27, 2007

Um…… everyone knows that

22. elitesof - June 29, 2007

hey i have cp trainer 2 if you have that you can be a member without paying and you can get on more servers than a nonmember canyou can also get item# like 233 is a red elestric guitar ,221 black hoodie,106 ninja mask

cool where do u install cp trainer?

23. roadcrosser - June 30, 2007

CP Trainer is HACKING!!!! And I hate hacking. If you do, you might get caught and have to spend THREEdays without an acount! So, STOP HACKING!!!!!!!

24. bluie789 - June 30, 2007

does anyone noe what the weekly pole is???????

25. bluie789 - June 30, 2007

i need help ppl!!

26. Cake - July 10, 2007

THEY ARE FREE!!!!!!! 🙂

27. mrpcp - July 13, 2007

go to the cave for mining helmets theyre are free!

oh this cool but put more things there are so little cheats and secrets put more cheats and more and more more more more more more and more secrets about club penguin!

welll bye bye tthis is cool thanks for doing club penguin is the only thing i do all the day long well bye bye thanks!

club penguin is cool oh and this blog rocks too!

28. steelerkid24 - July 14, 2007

jelly can i meet u on cp plzzz i think ur awesome

ok i’ll try plz tell me when are u availble ❗ 🙂

29. Beakyrox - July 20, 2007

free umbrella hats in the cofee shop

30. Beakyrox - July 20, 2007

when throwing snowballs during the water party they will apear as balloons

31. Gavin - July 20, 2007

:mrgreen: 🙂 😛 😀

32. Anthony Pong - July 22, 2007

Hey I like where u tell us about the…DOGO!!!!!

what is dogo?

33. Shiscabob - July 27, 2007

YAY!!! I am so happy that a new mission is coming! I finished the three in one whole day.

34. Kittenkid77 - July 28, 2007


35. og magits34 - July 30, 2007

does any 1 know how to do a weird dance? if u don’t ill tell u how heres how 1.have any cloths on open your player card take everything off (don’t close player card)2.put on cloths with a special dance (any cloths that do something (example hard hat guitar pizza apron)3.now dance p.s. only you can see this

36. steelerkid24 - August 2, 2007

jelly im availible saturday 6:00 p.s.t. time promise u wont delete me??

37. chelsea - August 3, 2007

these r graet cheats

38. Amber-Rose Warner. - August 6, 2007

these cheats r so cool heres 1 from me, 1. go to the ice burg 2. throw about 5 or 6 snowballs in the water 3. walk on them and u can walk on the water!!!!!!!!!!!

39. knmolp - August 6, 2007

knmolp is my penguin name and walking on water and walking on the walls doesn’t work

40. Cake - August 7, 2007

i hope the walk on water cheat will work………

41. naruto - August 9, 2007

it doesn’t work cake

42. Hannah - August 12, 2007

these are kool. if you get anymore will you e-mail them to jrbouray477@aol.com plz

43. beakyrox - August 17, 2007

Win On Bunnyhill by going to a specific place doest work anymore because they changed the track

44. jordan1999 - August 18, 2007

i have one! dance with stuff on click on your player card put on a cool dance item on put oters stuff on too click out of the player card click on the player card take everything off exsept the cool dance item than click d or dance 🙂

45. XxabmysterrxX - August 19, 2007

hey………………….cool blog my main penguins are pink flipper and flipper 15………………………..new pin at mine is a tent

46. =~Mysteries~= - August 24, 2007

To Move Peoples Furniture Follow These Steps! : )
1.Go to your igloo.
2.Click the Tape Measure.
3.Click your Spy Phone.
4.Go anywhere – Accept Igloos.
5.Click The Map.
6.Click Member Igloos.
7.Go to the Igloo that you want furniture to be moved in.
8.Move All you want : )
9. Byes! Tyvm for Reading!

47. rainy - September 10, 2007

another cheat is been found!!
by me ::):):):)

48. rainy - September 14, 2007

jelly the other cheat is in Astro Barrier is in the level 30 tutorial wait for i think 35 seconds and then hit the blue ship!!

49. rainy - September 23, 2007


50. pinkgalinfca - September 28, 2007

i figured out the time warp cheat
i’ll put it step by step below

step 1: right click on the clock at the bottom corner of ur screen (idk if mac computers have the clock but windows does.)
step 2: when a list of options show up click ajust date and time
step 3: change the day month and year to anything u want
step 4: click apply and close the window
step 5: open ur internet browser and log on to http://www.clubpenguin.com
step 6: click on the question mark on the chat bar and ur penguins age will be different 🙂

51. Gitb9 - October 31, 2007

Ynow Jelly, this page might get out of fashion. 😦 It won’t change until a new game comes out or something! ❗ Also, add all the sercets/cheats other people sended you. 😛

52. micwal from club penguin - November 9, 2007

cp trainer is very bad i got band for 3 days and if i got band again i wont be an agent then on the 3rd time u get band for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and scary music bum bum bum bummmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

53. micwal from club penguin if u c me around say hi and if ur a girl well ill c u's at my igloo - November 9, 2007

im lonely so if any 1 wants 2 b my buddy go 2 my igloo in southpole australia

54. micwal from club penguin if u c me around say hi and if ur a girl well ill c u's at my igloo - November 9, 2007

cp trainer is bad if u get caught u get banded get banded 1 time u loose 3 days to play get banded 2 times you loose your agentship get banded 3 times and u loose every thing your band for life and they know ur e-mail adress so u cant just make a new 1

55. Trisha - November 10, 2007

LOL, I missed the mining helmet, can anyone get it 4 me??? I really want one…….. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

yeah i want it too but i missed it as well when i got banned… 😦 it might come back later though…)

56. roadcrosser - December 10, 2007

I know how to do a crazy dance. You MUST have at least 2 items with special e.g. Mining Hat and Propeller hat. to start, wear a sdc (special dance clothing). Then open your player card and swith to another sdc and take out the previos sdc. DO NOT close the player card and start dancing! (Only you can see it)

57. U 8 me - December 21, 2007

wat is everyone talking about?

58. harryibo - December 22, 2007

hi youre blog is cool jelly but a bit cheasy to lol if you se me on club penguin say hi.

59. darkbigd - December 31, 2007

i need better cheats i want to be a ninja now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i need a mony cheat.if u see me say hi my user is darkbigd!!!!! see ya guys later.ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

60. Patrot5000 - January 3, 2008

i know a money cheat!!!!!!1

k this is how u do it.

1. open up the catalog
2. buy everything you want but dont exit out of the catalog!
3.disconnect ur internet access and wait for the sign that says: “connection lost”

4. plug back in ur internet access and refresh ur page.
5. log into cp and go on ur acount
6. u should have the same coins and all the stuff u bought earlier!!!

NOTE: May not work always so use at own risk of losing coins
NOTE: works 75% of the time

61. kingloonytmegatoon - April 30, 2008

i really need a mining hat but they dont have the mining hat right know can you figure out a cheat too.

62. clubpengin - May 14, 2008

fuck you clubpengin

63. Moi zozo - June 12, 2008

is there any way to do time warp with out changing the time?

64. exelente - July 12, 2008

You can still get the Coins from your Puffle. But too bad, the puffle only earn about 5 coins everytime it fell down to the Water

65. Michael - August 22, 2008

How do you get the mining hat. Or if it is not there how do you get with cheats?
Waddles 178

66. Izzy... (Lizzyfizz on club penguin) - October 25, 2008

nice cheats. how do you get the exclusive items? Please tell me!

67. sunny567 - November 9, 2008

cp trainer is NOT good

68. Stacey - December 28, 2008

Wow Great cheat!!

That doesn’t Work!!!!

I apologize LOL!

69. The Legend - December 28, 2008


70. momome4 - January 11, 2009

wat is a url?

71. momome4 - January 11, 2009

is there a cheat to become a ninga?

72. ryan - January 1, 2010

how do you use the firecards in the fireninga

73. Morgan Taylor - March 5, 2010

i hav a cheat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on astro barrier if on the instructions page were it says hit enter DONT HIT ENTER! If u hit 1 or 2 or 3 itll take u to level 10 or 20 or 30!!! trust me i hav dun it b4!

74. woffles4 - March 17, 2010

how do i get a hard hat without being a member

75. Sapphire Sidway - April 11, 2010

YOU KNOW THAT PIZZA 3000 ONE I ALREADY KNOW THAT.MY SISTER TOLD ME ABOUT IT AND I SAID I ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THAT YOU DONT HAVE TO TELL ME. AND SHE SAID HOW DID YOU FIND OUT AND I SAID BECAUSE OF THIS SITE CALLED CLUB PENGUIN CHEATS AND SECRETS DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

76. Sapphire Sidway - April 11, 2010


77. Sapphire Sidway - April 11, 2010


78. Sapphire Sidway - April 11, 2010


79. Sapphire Sidway - April 11, 2010


80. aleria3 - September 6, 2010

nice blog jelly people listen up i have m own blog can u go on it its called aleria3 blog if u go on it i hope u comment and like it

81. tamia2003 - January 30, 2011

lol if you want a real cheat say a bad word but make sure you put spaces like this f u c k trust me p.s when you do it other penguins wonts see it so banned free try it oh yea and if you want a penguin user:tonymus password:monkey8 dont even try to do it because it wont work and someone banned it plus that wasnt my penguin if you want to meet a famous penguin or his gang sorry his gang is asleep so if you want to meet a famous penguin any time exept pas 12:00 user tamia2003 hes rare to ok

82. tamia2003 - January 30, 2011

hey jelly if you go here at 9:00 il give you a penguis user and password plz plz plz dont banned so visit me at beach ps user tamia2003

83. tamia2003 - January 30, 2011

ok user damn damn password fuck

84. tamia2003 - January 30, 2011

fuck u club penguin i wish club penguin never ever exist

85. Tanmay - February 23, 2011

Enjoy yourself at-mycpcheatnig.blogspot.com

86. TumTum - March 1, 2011

Hey!So coooool blog!The cart surfer is my fav game and these r my fav cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However,Enjoy yourself at mycpcheating.blogspot.com

87. mujeriego - April 2, 2011

soy el almirador seqreto de rayni

88. mujeriego - April 2, 2011

megusta ninel conde

89. mujeriego - April 2, 2011

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90. mujeriego - April 2, 2011

🙂 megusta todode ti tus carisias tus besos tus chichis ninel conde

91. mujeriego - April 2, 2011

tu panocha la amo ❤

92. mujeriego - April 2, 2011

megusta cocarme a los hombres 😦 🙂 ;(

93. mujeriego - April 2, 2011

algien quiere ser mi novio aunque soi ombre

94. mujeriego - April 2, 2011

megusta cocharme a los hombres 😦 🙂 ;(

95. password hack - July 3, 2013

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