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Club Penguin Rumors ©

These are the rumors spread around CP.

It is said that if you get 100 penguins to dance or drill on one side of the ice, it will tip and each penguin will get 5000 (or 1000 or 10000, theres a lot of different rumors) So far, i haven’t met or experienced this myself so i dont completely believe it.

They say that when your penguin is 310 days old, you have to stand in the middle of the dojo and do nothing for 10 (or 20, or 30 like with the iceberg, its different) and ninjas will appear. You have to click on them and then you will become a ninja. I wont believe it because its never happened to me and ive never met anyone who said it did. I even heard from YayP that it doesn’t work because he TRIED IT. the only evidence we have is that on the homepage, if you click on the “N” in the Night Club sign on the top, the big penguin will be wearing ninja clothes. On top of that, numerous penguins say that they e-mailed the CP team and they said that it will be possible…just not yet. ALSO, it the “What’s new” section, the CP team says that they launched many other things besides the catologs and party. I also read from Sweet Samoa’s site that you can also click on the “N” in the Night Club on the homepage and then walk around in Club Penguin for an hour (DONT TALK) and then you will be asked if you want to take the ninja quiz. You still have to be 310 days old which really stinks. Nobody’s tried this before. Someone should try it out and let me know! )

Beakrox told me that he sent an e-mail to the Club Penguin Support to ask if u can become a ninja and this is what they replied:

 Thank you for your e-mail. There are no ninjas in Club Penguin right away, despite what you may have heard. Be sure to keep your eyes open in the future because you never know what could happen! 

If you have any other questions or concerns be sure to let me know and I will be happy to help you. 

 Have a great day! 
 Club Penguin Support

Now sit back and relax. Enjoy a really fake ninja video.Why do i know that it is fake? It’s really obvious because that stupid penguin acting DOEESN’T have any username! 

Becoming a Pet Shop enployee:
I heard that if you complete 20 levels of Puffle Round-up without letting any puffles escape, it will ask if you want to be a pet shop enployee and you will get a badge if you say “yes.” You do not have to be a certain age to do this. This is one of the more believable ones because it is a reward for doing good in a game. I’ve still never tried this before so it might not be true.

Secret room in the Dojo:
I doubt this is true, but I’ve been told that if you click the windows from left to right in the dojo, a secret room will appear. Again, I doubt this because the person never told me what was in the room and you would hear this cheat in every CP site because lots of penguins try random things like this.

Going to Rockhopper Island:
1. I heard that if you are on Rockhopper’s ship right when he leaves, you can go back with him to Rockhopper Island. I don’t believe this because Rockhopper himself said that he doesn’t like other company on his ship besides Yarr (his puffle) when he’s sailing. If you want to try this, be my guest but don’t be mad at me if it doesn’t work.
2. Javallama told me that if you reach leve 25 on Balistic Buiscut, you will reach Rockhopper Island. I’m not so sure about this because my friend, Jjbuggieboo said that she completed the game around level 12. If you are good at this game, try it out. If it doesn’t work, at least you’ll get a lot of coins! )

Becomming part of the CP Press
If you read the newspaper for 24 hours, a message will come up asking if you want to become part of the press. You will get access to a secret room and will be able to read the future news before it comes out. This would be SUPER hard because of the autodisconnect that happens if you don’t move your cursor for 10 minutes. You would have to stay awake. You could try this, but don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Post here if you get any rumor-breaking evidence or if you want to comment about these rumors.



1. Jenabell - May 27, 2007

20 level of the puffle round-up game is 2 hard!!!!!

Nearly impossible!!

2. Cake - May 29, 2007

I do not agree………I once went to level19 in puffle round-up

3. Jenabell - May 29, 2007

Really?? I can’t even pass the first round. They aways run awai, any secret 4 it?? And who r u ??

4. Cronaldo9 - June 8, 2007

Omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the newspaper preess does work i read a future newspaperthere gonna be earings on the winter catalog and u could only be in the press for one day

do u have a pic to prove it because it is quite unbelivable. 🙂

5. Wooper5 - June 9, 2007

Since rockhopper Island hasn’t been proved false everyone should try if it doesn’t work imagine the coins.

6. Cake - June 9, 2007


7. yay puffle2 - June 11, 2007

for ninja, u forgot 1 detail….U HAF TO DO IT IN MAMOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

are u sure? ❓

8. 353roma353 - June 12, 2007

ok if the press thing does work thank you sooo much any other cheats
i have some

9. 353roma353 - June 12, 2007

they are when you play the pizzatron 3000 if you clik the pink and white lever you make sweet pizzas but most of you already know

thanks i think i’ll put all those on the cheat page. 🙂

10. 353roma353 - June 12, 2007

you can move peoples member furniture if your not a member (it doesnt matter if you are)
1.go to your igloo and clik the tape measure
2.clik on your spyphone and go to the headquarters
3.clik on any members home and go there
4.clik and drag things around

11. 353roma353 - June 12, 2007

thats all i have for now ill be back

12. 353roma353 - June 12, 2007

oh i forgot you dont have to be 30 days old to be a secret agent all you do is clik the moderator and clik it again while its laoding (or not i cant remember) it might not work if not im really sorry ill work extra hard for other cheats

13. FRATBOYS - June 12, 2007

i didnt know about the newspaper thing im only 8 so ITS REALY HARD!!!!!!!!!oh ya THATS SOOOOOOOO COOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14. Mushiemomocake - June 13, 2007

Hey….. ❓

15. Mushiemomocake - June 14, 2007

Wats new?

16. bloodredsumo - June 17, 2007

haha you CANT compleate balistic biscuit ive got to lvl 48 LOLZ
its a interesting rumor though!

r u sure? ho many coins did u get?

17. legoless - June 17, 2007

The ninja mask that the big penguin wears is the super hero mask from an old catalog. The wierd thing is why do u have 2 click on an N?

I think that it’s because the word Ninja starts with N

18. sassy aggie - June 18, 2007

If you stay in the dojo for 30 minutes 2 nigas will come up to you and make you a ninga its like almost impossible tho. But remember thses are only rumors so some arent true!

19. BOB - July 1, 2007

I am a ninja because my brother is Rsnail and he doesn’t like it anymore so he gave the account to me.P.S the thing to do is you have to go to the dojo then the town then back to the dojo then keep on doing this 10 times then wait there for 5 minutes then a penguin will walk through the door looking like a normal penguin then you click him there is a thing on there instead of the mod thing it says do you want to become a super secret penguin(ninja) click yes then you have to complete one level on puffle round-up when you finish the penguin that you saw in the dojo says you have completed your mission then you have the costume in your inventory try it.

Are u sure?

20. Carlos - July 3, 2007

Dang i cant believe summer is ALMOST over.And if you wanna at least try the ninja thing at the dojo but arent 310 days old,Then do the time warp thing to do it.It MIGHT work idk.

21. BOB - July 3, 2007

It does work I’m sure Yo editor you are wrong i am write even ask me friend Silly Bill he is my friend that goes to my house and plays it he is also Billybob.

Ok bob i will try taht ninja thing but do u know how to do it?

22. Detroit87 - July 4, 2007

I can Try the Ninji Thing I will be 310 days old in a few days

Ok u can try it thx plz tell me the results

23. larryboy234 - July 5, 2007

cool. i asked cp about the nija thing and they said ” ninjas? what ninjas? 🙂

24. Samantha - July 7, 2007


r u trying to tip the ice berg ❓

25. Samantha - July 10, 2007

yes but i didnt get enough people and it looked liked we made it but it was like NOT tipping and i was really disappointed but i mean do you know anymore rumors that you can do like quick like the ones that dont take a half hour or hour or 24 hours!!!!??!! can you help me

26. bhargrove18 - July 12, 2007

click on the “N” in the Night Club on the homepage and then walk around in Club Penguin for an hour (DONT TALK) and then you will be asked if you want to take the ninja quiz. You still have to be 310 days old which really stinks. Nobody’s tried this before. Someone should try it out and let me know!

Ok since i can’t play cp here someone please try it out… :mrgreen:

27. Beakyrox - July 17, 2007

You cant be a ninja now but you can in the future here is a copy of the email they sent me Hello,

Thank you for your e-mail. There are no ninjas in Club Penguin right away, despite what you may have heard. Be sure to keep your eyes open in the future because you never know what could happen!
If you have any other questions or concerns be sure to let me know and I will be happy to help you.
Have a great day!
Club Penguin Support

Thanks i will put in in the rumor page. 😎

28. *~Cyclone999~* - July 19, 2007

The Puffle one DOSEN’T WORK. My mom beat the game.

r u sure? how many levels are there? 😛

29. Anthony Pong - July 22, 2007


30. beachqueen94 - July 22, 2007

wait do you have to be 310 to do the nija thing?

yes but i don’t think ninjas exist anyway. 🙄

31. Squgely - July 26, 2007

Do you have to be EXACTLY 310 days old? I am way past that.

Yeah but it’s only a RUMOR 🙄

32. Cake - July 26, 2007

sorry i havent been talking i am going to try the ninja thing i am not sure if it would work 😯

33. lol - July 27, 2007

can you be older than 310 days old on club penguin because i am and i wanna because i wanna be a ninja

34. JACOB - July 29, 2007

you cant become a ninja PROVEN FALSE

35. pillow1234 - July 30, 2007

I tried the ninja thing i doesnt work PROVEN FALSE!

36. og magits34 - July 31, 2007

no duh he said that above the movie

37. Naruto - August 1, 2007

i got a new rumor

Aparently when u play into night club for 3 hours, u will get a free item !!!!!!

I never tried it but u guys can

38. jeffrey (aka...mothermonk) - August 2, 2007

who is on now?

39. peakoh - August 2, 2007

what iz da item?

40. Kittenkid77 - August 3, 2007

For all the ninja things i tried them all and it dident work

41. sonia - August 3, 2007

hey have all you guys tried chucking snowballs at the puffles in the pet storer?! :mrgreen: its so hilarious!

42. beakyrox - August 5, 2007


43. naruto - August 7, 2007


44. legoless - August 15, 2007

theres also a rumur that if u tip the berg u get a cool catalog with a beta hat for 6,000,000 coins & a yellow puffle for 400,000. & then catalog is added to your inventory so that when u want to buy 1 of the things u dont have to tip the ice berg again. but i havent seen any1 walking around with a yellow puffle, have u? 😆

45. mystery girl.... - August 20, 2007

liten want prove??
I asked a moderator (by e-mail)
you know what I asked??
:to club penguin stuff
is it true that ningas exist??
she answered:
no ningas dont exist but keep ur eyes open for the clothing catalouge thats not a bad idea!!
and the ice berg does not tip!!!
stop saying lies and stupid stories!!

46. ~```barnickel' ' '~ - August 21, 2007

so… how old is everyones penguin? im 262

i’m 390… 😛

47. Blue Puffley - August 26, 2007

You CAN become a ninja by hacking! i saw it on youtube! But only you can see the ninja outfit. I am NOT trying it because im not getting banned.

48. sir5pyjamas - September 8, 2007

hi i wanna b a ninja

ummmm…. u cant be a ninja. (i dont think so anyway.) 😛

49. rainy - September 14, 2007

actaully wat is so special bout ninjas???

50. rainy - September 14, 2007


51. pinkgalinfca - September 28, 2007

I herd this really stupid roumor at my school! Somone has been saying that if u go to the telescope when Rockhopper is coming to cp, click on the telescope and wait then ur atuomaticly on rockhoppers ship! That to me, is a load of bull! i tried it myself to prove ppl wrong and boy did i prove them wrong!

i think u CAN’T go on the ship when he leaves…

52. pinkgalinfca - September 30, 2007

exactly wat im trying to say
im trying to figure out who made up this rumor

53. pinkgalinfca - September 30, 2007

exactly wat im trying to say
im trying to figure out who made up this rumor if its the last thing i do! 😀

54. pinkgalinfca - September 30, 2007

hey my comment was posted alredy? 😮 i thought there was an problem befor! all i did was add a few words! i diddnt no my lest one got posted! 😮 😮 😮 :O

55. rainy - October 2, 2007


56. rainy - October 5, 2007


57. rainy - October 7, 2007

can i be in the hall of fame?

btw, do u even change the points/scores????

btw, most of them haven’t been posting comments for ages or maybe u delete them, idk

58. pinkgalinfca - October 13, 2007


59. rainy - October 14, 2007


wat hame is it???!!!!

i mean game but i dont bother to cgange it

i mean change

and i dont bother to change it

finally i got everything rite!!!

60. *K.LO* - October 20, 2007

hey iv heard when u go on the cp homepage u can click on the blue penguin at the top right hand coner and u can change his clothes!!

61. *K.LO* - October 20, 2007

u cant become a ninja i was 310 last week and i tried everything so thats a load of rubbish

62. rainy - October 21, 2007

i think so as well

as i have already said there is nothing realli special about being a ninja(well, my opinion)

63. afs - October 27, 2007


64. afs - October 27, 2007

oh and it is possible

65. rainy - October 28, 2007

how did u became one??????!!!!!!

plz tel the secret to us

66. Gitb9 - October 31, 2007

This page is good for new players of clubpenguin! Good on ya Jelly! 😉 🙂 😛 😀

67. nikalope - November 4, 2007

I now a rumur if you beet asto barier witout loosing a life 3 times you get the game at your house and e-mail me while your at it paintboy10056@hotmail.com

68. Isabella873 - November 10, 2007

well i realy wanna go to rockhoper island become a nijia and and be empliys n the press and newspaper bt ti really hrd todoplease give me some tip and is anyone actllay othe club penguin press

69. Casey dart - December 2, 2007

i have seen ppl walkin round with a yellow puffle

70. green26gangstas - December 31, 2007


71. Gwydion - June 18, 2008

Hi! I tried the ninja thing and it doesnt work same with empolyee thing. But I got a really coll rumor + its real! Theres a shadow above the fishing nets in the lighthouse and it looms like a ninjas shadow!

72. Gwydion - June 18, 2008

Im sorry but in the last comment i said it ‘looms@ like a ninja shadow i meant to say it ‘looks likie a ninja shadow.

73. sctells15987 - June 29, 2008

Manit in the puffle employee rumor i tryed it like THIRTY TIMES! And never got it ya know why? BECUASE I COULDNT DO IT!! sheesh

74. lana - August 21, 2008

This post is really old! I emailed the cp supporters and guess what they said!!!!!!!!!! 😮 It is about the iceberg tipping! They said that dancing and other things might not work but they might be wrong!!!! The support person told me to keep trying and keep my eyes out something might happen!!!! Iam not lying I really got this email for real and they also told me the iceberg hasn’t been tipped since it was discovered but they told me to keep my eyes out!!!!!!

75. vanessa - August 28, 2008

it is true there is ninjas around i saw one yesterday it was freaky but it was only one. it was on the roof of the night club when i was about to get
coffee with me penguin friends!

76. sparkels9571 - October 14, 2008

umm i got to level 24 of puffle round up and let one loose on level 23! it didn’t ask me!!!!!!!

77. sparkels9571 - October 14, 2008


78. sparkels9571 - October 14, 2008


79. k34h - October 21, 2008

hi plz go to k34h.wordpress.com plz o ya and im have ing toble working on my site can u help me plz and i lov JELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

80. k34h - October 21, 2008


81. Booshank37 - December 22, 2008

Ninja’s do exist now, but as theese comment was dated further back, you guys was looking for evidence, before the ninja’s did come out. There was alot of evidence.

1. Shadows in the lodge, the nightclub and the lighthouse
2. On the homepage when you click the nick 2 times the penguin is a ninja
3. On halloween the super-hero mask was set out in the catalogues, it looked like a ninja-mask
4. In the older version of Club-penguin [Penguin chat 3] you could be a ninja by pressing N on your keyboard.

The ninja’s wasn’t supposed to be launched again because it wrecked the game in penguin chat 3 seeing everyone a ninja and the cheat on all the cheat-sites across the net but they had so many emails about it. They launched it again. But instead of getting it easy by pressing ”N” You have to train against other penguins to get to a blackbelt as then you have to beat the master. ”Sensei”

How to bat sensei:
1. You have to be a black belt
2. Fight him 7-8 times
3. Keep using same element to confuse him.

I’ve beat him before so keep at it
-hope i helped

If you need anything else. My name on cp is booshank37 and i usually go on tobbogan

82. Booshank37 - December 22, 2008

O i did alot of spelling mistakes in that post :/

83. clubben1000 - January 28, 2009

i know how to go to rockhopper island. the real way is

1.on the day he leaves play hydro-hopper until you get to lvl 20

3.on lvl 20 loze ALL of your lives
4.then collect your coins
5.go to rockhoppers ship(yes his ship will still be there he usaly leaves around 10:00 AM

6.then go next to the BIG box in the place you buy things from rockhopper

7.try to make it were no1 can see you exept your name

8. put on all the stuff and only the stuff you bought from rockhopper and were red

9.wait until 2:00 PM

10. you are going to rockhopper island!!!!

84. clubben1000 - January 28, 2009


85. Twister boy - March 16, 2009

I did 20 levels of puffle roundup and nothing happens

86. pianofries00 - October 26, 2009


87. pianofries00 - October 26, 2009

TRANSLATION:jelly ur a moron for putting that crap in penguins head theyll try to dat iceberg thing and….then theyll hate you and hunt you down with a plunder and soap(you dont want to know how that ends)
and then instead of caring you hate us we will make a party at the dock with billybob

88. icepritchy - November 19, 2009

There was a rumor that Ninja O Dark, was going to be a famous penguin like Rockhopper, i know Ninja O Dark in REAL life, and the rumor was true.

But then Club Penguin said they are not ready for another mascot…YET!

So this may happen in the future, just not at the moment.
He was going to be the Card-Jitsu Fire Sensei.

I was gonna ask cp if i could be card-jitsu ice sensei, coz i am ICE Pritchy.

89. ramo6 - January 5, 2010

Clubpenguin rocks soooo much i really want more cheats (and what is clubpenguin e-mail?)

90. BURD - February 15, 2010

Woah I am alot later commenting than you guys it is Valentine’s Day 2010!!! But I am kinda new to CP ( 69 days old ) and I definatley try some of these out. I dont think I will wait 24 hours to be part of the press, But I will go up to level 25 in Puffle Roundup!!

Sincerely, Burd the bomb.

91. Billybob - April 3, 2010

The new game @ the Iceberg is a secret…

Until then…
Waddle on!

92. Gel980 - April 3, 2010

Yo! I’m Gel980! ‘Billybob’, you aren’t Billybob. And by now, we all know the new game at the Iceberg is Aqua Grabber. I hate it. Maybe because I cannot beat it!


93. Gel980 - April 3, 2010

Yo! I’m Gel980! The new game @the Berg is Aqua Grabber. Bye

94. little old me - April 3, 2010

hi. im little old me. Gel980, i hate u.

95. Wiser10 - May 13, 2010

Uhh guys… The Ninja thing is REAL I Am 1!!! Im also a Fire ninja! and guess what, not only is the WHITE AND YELLOW PUFFLE OUT but also the ORANGE PUFFLE!!!! I have 2! If you dont beliveve me I’ll prove it, flip through the pet shop book, and on the not VERY last page but the last page of puffle adopting its there! Trust me! And the ice tippping one? Well, its hard to say, there was a postcard ‘Bout it, but I’ve never actually tipped it, my user is Wiser10 add me as ur buddy, and go to my iggy! You should see One White puffle and 1 yellow and 2 orange puffles to PROVE IT! PEACE!

96. kwalski619 - July 11, 2010

you should try talking about aunt artic the leader of the psa!!!!!!!!

97. daneil - October 30, 2010

you guys suck its now so much eaiser to be a ninjer. And you dont have to do all those crazy stuff. Just talk to sensie and try battling him(be black belt) Then if you win the battle then you will be a ninjar, After that you can go to the secret ninjar hide out. If ur a member u can become a fire ninjar

98. hehe - December 12, 2010

u can be a ninja
u cant tip the iceberg golden puffle thing just yellow no puffle or other puffle color and u can only have 70 penguins in each room u cant have 100
there are ALOT of things about the director of PSA and EPF is aunt arctic we still dont know its a very known rumor

99. Edward0902 - February 21, 2011

The pet shop one is false because i tried it and i got to like level 25 and i got maybe i think 2000 something coins. i didnt let and puffles escape so ya

100. fuzzy613 - May 5, 2011

omg wow i woodnt b able to become a reporter i cant stay up for 24 hrs just moving a mouse every 10 min…….. and gwydion omfg it DOES look like a ninja….kinda creepy-right? o and I have a glitch- when you are in the ski lodge if u click on the mirror in the top of the fireplace the moderator thing shows up… its kinda cool…its not like the coolest thing ever but its kinda cool

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