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1. J€LL¥ - October 29, 2007

go there

2. J€LL¥ - October 29, 2007

or else

3. rainy - October 29, 2007

else wat???

4. Gitb9 - October 31, 2007


5. angia101 - November 17, 2007

A story!

once upon a time a man yelled FIRE!!!!! The man ran into the building to see if any one was in the building. Than he saw a kid.
The man said ” Are you nuts! Your in a burning building.”
The kid said ” I know. I’m imagining a fire. With brain power and 5.192085.4367462846284629463856385638563853856284756723791047294.947493654936593659365854539464393849473946648567294738573967385953957495854856949.001
science.” It ends up that burning building was just in his imagination!!

6. luigi70919 - September 11, 2009


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